Community Groups

Community Groups  are communities who seek to know God and one another while experiencing His Kingdom.

God made us for community.

Community Groups are small gatherings throughout our city focused on engaging one another with gospel relationships and partnering together for our mission. Each group will have a different pattern of gathering. Click the button below to be a group leader or complete the form at the bottom of the page to find out about a group.

Not just another study group.

While our Community Groups will always have some element of gospel engagement, these groups are not primarily a Bible study or a book study. These groups may look at scripture or read a book, but the goal is to help each other, and our community, experience gospel change in all of life.

More than a meeting.

We know work schedules and the pace of life make it difficult for some people to make the regularly scheduled meetings. That’s ok. Our Community Groups meet, but they are not just a meeting. From weekend get-togethers, to community projects and Discipleship groups, we have more than one way to join together for mission and growth.

What about kids?

We want our Community Groups to be a place that takes into account the whole family. Different Groups will have different cultures and rhythms, but our hope would be that your kids are also engaged, cared for and serve with us as part of our church community.