When the Old Becomes New

Dr. Nick Gough

Do signs, wonders, and miracles still happen today?
Many Christians in the West wonder why they have never witnessed the power of God in action, as recorded in the New Testament. The main problem, says Dr. Nick Gough, is that their church leaders have told them, “That stuff doesn’t happen anymore.” He insists that signs, wonders, and miracles, not only never ended, but even accelerated over the past century.

In When the Old Becomes New, Dr. Gough makes a strong case for the continuing viability of the miraculous and why it is just as important for the church today as in the first century. Utilizing stories from his personal experience and plenty of scriptural support, Nick not only clearly demonstrates the continuing presence of signs and wonders, but also gives practical guidance to help readers learn how to operate in the miraculous themselves.

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Rodney Hogue

Based on a Christian framework, the author leads the readers to the place of being willing to take the risk of releasing their offenders and learn to live in freedom. In the book the reader will see the necessity of forgiveness to release every offender in their life. To accomplish that objective the reader will first understand what forgiveness really means. Click on the graphic to order.

Ben Dixon

In Hearing God, author Benjamin Dixon explores what it means to hear the voice of God in our everyday lives through our devotion to God's Word and our connection to the Holy Spirit. With Biblical clarity and practical insight, this book tackles a topic that is often misunderstood and confusing in the midst of a generation that truly wants to know if God is still speaking today. Click on the graphic to order.

Wisdom Wonder Women

This women’s “Activational” is more than just a daily devotional. Each day offers fresh revelation on critical matters of the heart, followed by prayer impartation and a personal “activation.” Every power-packed page is filled with insight and wisdom; intended to transform and mobilize women into their divine and powerful identity and purpose.
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